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Trey Slann, CRNA

Trey Slann is a Board Certified Nurse Anesthetist and is the founder and operator of Exodus Health with a passion to see lives renewed utilizing the application of Ketamine infusion therapy. With over 10 years caring for patients of all types in the operating room and over 15 years in healthcare, Trey brings an expert level of knowledge and compassionate care to every patient he encounters.

During his time providing anesthesia, Trey has been adjunct faculty at both Texas Tech University and University of Texas Medical Branch, as well as a clinical mentor and instructor for many resident anesthesia providers.

Trey seeks to facilitate truly positive change for all of his patients and infuse hope back into the hopeless. In a world that has become incredibly impersonal, Trey and his staff makes each person that comes into Exodus Health feel loved and cared about. In his off time, Trey enjoys spending time with his wife and children, playing disc golf, flying building and crashing FPV drones, and loving on his lazy bulldog Boudan.

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