Mood & Anxiety Disorders

Mood Anxiety Disorders by Exodus Health in Pearland, TX

Mood and anxiety disorders encompass many conditions under the broad category of mental health disorders. Common mood disorders are represented by several types of depression and related conditions. Mood disorders are more difficult to diagnose, especially in children or adolescents, because of how the symptoms crossover, and those symptoms are sometimes hard to express. 

What Is Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy?

What Is Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy by Exodus Health in Pearland, TX

People who suffer from depression and chronic pain conditions often feel they have nowhere to turn if they can’t find relief through conventional treatment or medicine. They may try an alternative therapy, self-help strategies, or other methods to improve their mental and physical health, but what about Ketamine-assisted therapy?

Effects Of Anxiety

Effects Of Anxiety by Exodus Health in Pearland, TX

If you suffer from anxiety or a more severe anxiety disorder, know that you’re not alone. You’re among a group of 40 million U.S. adults who experience related symptoms each year and struggle with the consequences. Anxiety symptoms can be harmful if left untreated, but, fortunately, they can be managed.

Are OCD Thoughts True?

Are OCD Thoughts True by Exodus Health in Pearland, TX

You got mugged and had a disturbing dream about what would happen if you encountered your assailant again – it left you shaking and sweating. But does that mean you’d really act that way? No, not necessarily. But you’re also fixated on celebrity news. Does that mean you have OCD? Maybe.

6 Signs of Living With Social Anxiety

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You’re at an office holiday party surrounded by co-workers and people you’ve never met before. Suddenly, your boss nudges you to a podium to give a speech about last year’s record sales numbers. You immediately begin to sweat, tremble, your mouth feels dry, and you feel nauseous. What’s happening?

What Is Persistent Depressive Disorder?

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Depression is one of the most common forms of mental illness worldwide, but its symptoms are often misperceived as “just a bad day.” But if symptoms linger for months or years and interfere with daily life, you may be experiencing the first warning signs of something called persistent depressive disorder.

How Does Ketamine Infusion Therapy Work?

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People who suffer from mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), along with nerve-based chronic pain conditions, know all-too-well that physical and psychological discomfort is oftentimes hard to manage. Traditional treatment options sometimes work poorly, if at all, and many people are turning to a new kind of treatment – ketamine […]

How Do You Treat Complex PTSD?

Person entering the complex maze of coping with PTSD.

Dr. Judith Herman, MD, introduced complex PTSD to the psychiatric lexicon in 1992 because the criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder didn’t adequately encompass “trauma-related psychopathologies.” She believed there was more to the condition than had been explored, and that unique treatment options were waiting to be discovered. She was right.

Mental Health Experts on Depression

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Depression is a widespread and significant medical illness that negatively influences how you feel and how you act. Depression may cause feelings of sadness and/or a loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed. While no cure exists for depression, there are several different treatment options available with ketamine infusions being a newer option which […]

How To Diagnose Depression

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Depression affects 40 million people in America and nearly 300 million around the world. It’s a leading cause of disability. It can harm anyone no matter gender, age, income, or ethnicity, but symptoms are treatable once you’ve been diagnosed with the illness. But first, you need to know the signs.