02 Jun, 2022

RLS and Comorbid Conditions

If you have restless legs syndrome (RLS), you know how annoying — and sometimes painful — the condition can be.  You may feel a strong urge to move your legs,… Read More
05 May, 2022

Why Don’t People Talk About Suicide?

While people often talk about physical ailments or medical conditions, they rarely openly discuss mental health issues they may be experiencing. This could happen for many reasons, but prevention efforts… Read More
23 Apr, 2022

Mood & Anxiety Disorders

Mood and anxiety disorders encompass many conditions under the broad category of mental health disorders. Common mood disorders are represented by several types of depression and related conditions. Mood disorders… Read More
03 Feb, 2022

Effects Of Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety or a more severe anxiety disorder, know that you’re not alone. You’re among a group of 40 million U.S. adults who experience related symptoms each… Read More
03 Feb, 2022

Are OCD Thoughts True?

You got mugged and had a disturbing dream about what would happen if you encountered your assailant again – it left you shaking and sweating. But does that mean you’d… Read More
15 Dec, 2021

How Do You Treat Complex PTSD?

Dr. Judith Herman, MD, introduced complex PTSD to the psychiatric lexicon in 1992 because the criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder didn’t adequately encompass “trauma-related psychopathologies.” She believed there was more… Read More

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