How To Deal With Passive Suicidal Ideation


In the deep recesses of our minds, thoughts can emerge that are both distressing and puzzling. Passive suicidal ideation, in particular, can cause confusion and fear. Passive suicidal ideation is defined as having thoughts of death or dying without actively planning or intending to harm oneself.

Which Psychiatric Disorders Can Cause Suicidal Ideation?

Which Psychiatric Disorders Can Cause Suicidal Ideation by Exodus Health in Pearland, TX

Many things can cause suicidal ideation in people – from the feeling of lost hope and life difficulties to psychiatric disorders. Suicidal ideation does not happen by chance – there are always underlying causes that make people start thinking of suicide.

Why Don’t People Talk About Suicide?

Why Dont People Talk About Suicide by Exodus Health in Pearland, TX

While people often talk about physical ailments or medical conditions, they rarely openly discuss mental health issues they may be experiencing. This could happen for many reasons, but prevention efforts may lag if we don’t understand why people don’t talk about suicide.