Conditions We Treat

Ketamine Treatment for Mood Disorders

Ketamine infusions have a fast-acting reaction, often within a few hours, and can effectively treat conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and
suicidal ideation without causing the side effects commonly associated with traditional antidepressant medications.

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Depression Treatment

Ketamine therapy promotes neurogenesis, a process that differs from the way traditional antidepressants work by affecting the chemical levels in the brain.

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Anxiety Treatment

Individuals with anxiety disorders often experience recurrent intrusive thoughts or worries. Ketamine may be an effective treatment option for these symptoms.

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PTSD Treatment

Ketamine therapy has been shown to be a promising treatment for people who have Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), providing rapid and substantial relief.

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OCD Treatment

Ketamine treatment has been shown to increase levels of glutamate in the body, which can lead to a rapid improvement for individuals with OCD.

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Suicidality Treatment

Ketamine therapy has been shown through research to potentially be effective in quickly reducing the negative thoughts that come with suicidal ideation.

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