What is Ketamine Treatment

Ketamine is a medication that originally gained Food and Drug Administration FDA approval as an anesthesia drug during surgical procedures. Currently, doctors and clinicians are using it in small therapeutic doses for the treatment of pain disorders and depression.

Let’s take a closer look at using ketamine treatment to treat mood disorders such as depression and other behavioral health issues and pain syndromes not well managed by other methods. While there are many ways to bring relief to a patient’s symptoms, including prescription antidepressant medications, sometimes the drug stops working after time or they have many unpleasant health effects.

Ketamine is available from healthcare professionals to treat depression and in depression treatment clinic in the form of intravenous (IV) infusions or as a nasal spray. In March of 2019, the FDA approved the use of a nasal spray containing esketamine which is available from healthcare providers and ketamine clinics under the brand names Ketanest or Spravato.

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How Does Ketamine Help?

If you have taken conventional medications for a number of years, yet are continue to suffering from depression, anxiety, or another mood disorder. Ketamine infusion therapy can help defeat these conditions due to the fact that it attacks the problem in a different manner. There are 100 billion neurons within the human brain, but they don’t quite come in contact with one another.

Chemical messengers called neurotransmitters are delivered from neuron to neuron, which leads to actions and emotions. Imagine your neurons are similar to shipping ports with a minimal gap between them in healthy brain activity.

The neurotransmitter would be the ship delivering the chemical message to the receiving neuron. Thereafter that ship returns to the sending neuron called reuptake in the brain of a person suffering from depression. The receiving and sending ports are shut down.

Neurotransmitters critical for regulating your mood, alertness, and pleasure among other positives can’t be delivered. Prescription antidepressant, SSRI, and SNRI. Add more ships to the port, but when nothing is moving, that just means more ships are trapped inside the Harbor, and an overload of neurotransmitters can lead to serious medical conditions.

Research has shown low dosage, ketamine infusion therapy helps redevelop the neuropathways in your brain, so it opens those ports, restarting the healthy flow of information between your neurons as quickly as the first treatment.

Most people feel improvements within days of treatment and can start enjoying life again, without the side effects that come from traditional antidepressants.

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