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An Exciting New Ketamine Treatment for Mood Disorders & Chronic Pain in Missouri City, TX

Are you suffering from chronic pain or a mood disorder such as depression? anxiety, OCD, or PTSD? Have you tried other medications and treatments only to be left disappointed by the results? Then ketamine treatment may be a viable option for you. Ketamine has been shown to help those who are treatment-resistant when other medications and treatment methods could not.

What Happens During Ketamine Treatment

To help with mood disorders and chronic pain management, ketamine is administered with an IV infusion at low doses. These infusions last about 45 minutes to an hour and are performed by a medical professional in a controlled and relaxing environment.

How Does Ketamine Help With Mood Disorders

Ketamine works by increasing the synaptic connections between nerve cells in the brain. Within one or two treatments, patients report improved moods, energy levels, and higher self-esteem. More trials are underway, but early science suggests that ketamine offers longer-lasting depression treatment with fewer side effects than traditional drug therapies.

Ketamine has also shown effectiveness against treatment-resistant depression with up to 80% of patients reporting a positive experience and improvements in mood. Many patients who have not responded to other treatments or experience adverse side effects are restoring their hope with ketamine infusions.

How Does Ketamine Help With Chronic Pain?

Ketamine helps with chronic pain by blocking specific pain receptors in the brain and resetting nerve cells in the spine and brain. This interferes with pain signaling and thus, provides pain relief for patients.

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