Ketamine for Suicidal Ideation Treatment

Ketamine infusion therapy is a highly effective suicidal ideation treatment in Friendswood, TX, for individuals battling mental health setbacks, such as depression, bipolar disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). A good number of people suffering from the majority of these disorders have repetitive thoughts of suicide and find it difficult to live with invasive thoughts and feelings about self-harm.

Thoughts of suicide can very well be decreased and many times eradicated with ketamine therapy. Ketamine treatment happens to be the only treatment method that can essentially eliminate suicidal thoughts individually of additional symptoms.

If you or possibly a close friend has thoughts of suicide or alternatively has actually been clinically recognized as having a mood disorder, ketamine infusion therapy will help to decrease the number of invasive suicidal thoughts as well as feelings of self-injury.

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Understanding Suicidal Ideation

Thoughts of suicide may take over a person’s life. However, most of the people preoccupied with suicidal thoughts don’t end up following through on their plans; nonetheless, even just one committing suicide is one way too many. In the United States, there are 144 suicides completed each and every day. Individuals who don’t take action steps on these thoughts and feelings remain profoundly troubled by them and the individual experiencing these feelings may think of alternative ways they may kill themselves.

Many individuals who have thoughts of suicide are afflicted by depression or other mood disorders so the repetitive feelings are frequently associated with symptoms of anxiety, depression, impaired concentration, panic attacks, and extreme guilt.

More often than not, this sort of reasoning is related to a challenging situation which the individual feels they are unable to manage, as well as having the future look hopelessly gloomy. This might vary from economic hardships to partnership issues. Some individuals are at a greater risk of suicide compared to others. Anyone clinically recognized as having a psychiatric disorder may encounter suicidal thinking more often in comparison to others. Many times, the thoughts don’t stop even when the specific situation disturbing them greatly enhances.

Can Ketamine Treatment Help Your Suicidal Thoughts?

Ketamine therapy has been confirmed to be a highly effective suicidal treatment method.

Exodus Health offers low-dose Ketamine Infusions in Friendswood, TX, for Suicidal Ideation.

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If you are suffering from suicidal thoughts and other treatment methods have not helped, ketamine can help. Unlike other treatment methods, ketamine infusions work fast, with many patients feeling better in just a few hours.

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