Karly Sevinsky

If I could give unlimited extra stars I would. I don’t think I can even verbalize the hope, relief, and kindness I’ve been given every time I’ve been at Exodus. Every infusion dose was specifically catered to my personal needs and symptoms. I had extremely severe aggressive suicidal depression, CPTSD, and anxiety that kept me housebound for almost 15 years following my husband’s sudden death and A long period of time enduring multiple unrelated traumas. I’ve gotten to know these wonderful people who gave my life a second chance, and they care so much about helping those struggling with mental illnesses and chronic pain. So if you’re reading this review because you’re struggling and looking for help, reach out to Exodus. Ketamine changed my life and it can yours too.

David Mersch

I’m so happy that I was able to found Exodous of Pearland. This whole thing has been such an awesome experience for me. The infusions themselves were great. I honestly didn’t think they’d do anything for me. I’ve been dealing with depression, anxiety and anger for over 30 years and this for me was an absolute last chance. This has completely turned my life around! However, I also believe the people who I worked with at Exodous were a huge Godsend for me as well. Trey and Tacey were completely there for me on this incredible journey. These are two of the most caring, compassionate, comforting and generous people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting in my entire life. Exodous is the place that you want to go. Trust me on this one. On a scale of 1-10, I’d give them a one hundred! I have such gratitude for Exodous, Trey and Tracey and I will never ever go anywhere else! I also feel 50 times better mentally and never thought I’d feel so good again. For me, it’s been nothing but a miracle. I really thought this was my last chance so I took it. Exodous! Choose Exodous in Pearland!

Jedd Labay

I give Exodus Health Ketamine Treatment 5 stars because they make me feel like family, want me to live my best life, and truly care about my well-being. Trey and Tracy are very accommodating when it comes to scheduling appointments. Their clinic is very clean and homey. I am always comfortable and at peace when I am having my infusion.

Jeremy S

Where to start …… Trey and Tracy are the kindest and most caring people you will ever meet. Trey truly wants to help which is evident by the compassion and empathy he shows while helping you deal with the issues you may be facing. They both are extremely supportive throughout your entire journey towards healing. My spouse struggles with chronic pain and depression and this treatment have changed her entire outlook on life. She’s able to think clearly without constant worry or stress. Our relationship has greatly improved because of these treatments. We will always be grateful and never forget what Trey and Tracy have done for us.

Candy Decker

After much research and prayer, I was guided to this treatment and to these people. It is an important step in emotional and spiritual healing. Trey and Tracy explain the process and genuinely care about and listen to their patients. They answer any and all questions and are more than knowledgeable about the effectiveness of ketamine The environment is serene and safe and the ketamine treatment is difficult to describe. I would say it is amazing; enlightening; healing and a catalyst in revealing the important truths of one’s life purpose and journey. It has allowed me to “let go” of negativity and embrace the true beauty of life. Trey and Tracy are following their calling to assist those who have endured the suffering of depression.❤️

Angie Noeth

Soooo glad I chose to go to Exodus over the other place I was considering! Trey made it very easy for my decision-making because of his generosity of time answering questions, etc. Once I got there my experience did not disappoint. I felt like a person – not a number being worked in – how refreshing is that in this day and age? Trey was super knowledgeable and helped make what I was expecting to be a “horrible experience”, per a friend of mine, as comfortable and pleasant as possible! Trey and Tracy actually care about their patients. Their experience is unparalleled and they are freely giving of their time to answer questions, go over the protocol, and help to make my experience with ketamine positive. When I first walked into the clinic I was so scared but I was immediately put at ease and I felt that way each and every day knowing I was in very knowledgeable and helpful hands. Can’t say enough good things about Trey and Tracy – they are first class all the way!

Amanda Laura

I simply cannot say enough nice things about Trey and Tracy. They GENUINELY care about their patients and have made it their mission to help those who are suffering. As a sufferer of PTSD and lifelong depression, Ketamine therapy was a last resort of sorts. I had tried literally everything else. I strongly recommend this therapy, as I feel it has cleansed me of decades of dysfunction and offered me new hope and a fresh start, as combined with my regular therapy. I feel “reconciled” and very hopeful for the first time in a really long time. Trey and Tracy listened to every word I said, and tailored my treatment to meet my personal needs and wishes. I went into this treatment with optimism and an open mind, as I know this therapy is widely recognized in other countries as the norm. I highly recommend the treatment, and I highly recommend Exodus Health!!!!😊😊😊😊

Jimmie Ingram

Trey and Tracy feel like old friends. I’ve felt comfort and understanding from our first phone consultaion to my current treatments. The office is clean and comfortable, providing the perfect setting for Ketamine or any other treatments. Trey and Tracy have a calm and hospital nature that can help with your mindset when coming in from a long stressful day. I can’t say enough good things about Exodus. I look forward to more treatments and more healing. They truly are a gift to our community and I’m filled with gratitude for all their kindness and hard work.

Brian S.

Mr. Slann is a wonderful healthcare provider and an amazing person. I felt he truly cared about me, and listened to everything I had to say. He was forthcoming with answers to all the questions I had while also explaining it in a way that was easy for me to understand. You can tell he truly cares about his patients and wellbeing. I can’t say enough about Mr. Slann and his ability to make me feel welcomed, comfortable, and cared about, with a sense of compassion that made me feel taking care of me was at the forefront of his thoughts.

Lindsey R.

I wanted to take a moment and leave a review in regard to Trey Slann whom you will be privileged to see should you become a patient of Exodus Health. Mr. Slann is down to earth, kind and compassionate. He actually listens to what his patients say and really works to help those he meets. Mr. Slann made me feel safe and gave excellent treatment throughout my time in his care and it was a refreshing change to the often impersonal and rushed demeanor of many in the health care industry today.

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